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Foreign Language Translation

Foreign Language Translation

Smart Translate offers fast, reliable and accurate foreign language translation services. We provide foreign language translation services for a variety of industries, such as the Oil and Gas, Mining, Legal, Medical and Aerospace industries. Having the competence of an industry is significant for any successful foreign language translation service. For example, medical documents often use specialized terminology that may not even exist in the target language. In order to avoid mistranslations, our professional language translation agency will offer a number of proven quality ways tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us to find out how you may benefit from our translation services and make sure that your documents are properly and accurately represented in different languages.

Have you experienced any costly translation mistakes or missed deadlines?

Learn how reliable and high quality language translation services and localization performed by Smart Translate professionals can open new opportunities!

Smart Translate has extensive experience in providing expert linguistic assistance by translating diverse technical documents such as:

  • Technical Specifications
  • Technical Drawings
  • Operation and Instruction Manuals
  • Catalogs and Parts Lists
  • Safety Guidelines


  • Professional, accurate, fast, localized translation that excludes the possibility of a misrepresentation of your credentials
  • Professional foreign language assistance that will help you to overcome language barriers in writing and over the phone
  • Faster recognition of your personal credentials and documents
  • Easier visa applications and procedures
  • Customer-oriented support, 24/7. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional and timely assistance.


Smart Translate is fully and continually committed to foreign language translation quality.

If you require high-quality foreign language translations for European, US or any other market, you can be confident that your project will be done in compliance with the international translation standards and highest professional ethical norms.


We provide translation services for the medical, legal, technical and financial industries. Our professional foreign language translation services cover a comprehensive range of categories and are extremely flexible, meaning we are fully equipped to assist you.

We have over 500 professional, highly skilled and experienced translators working with us around the Globe who are experts in translation and localization between source and target languages. We are also ready to offer affordable professional foreign language translations to our clients in an accurate and timely fashion.

We always allocate our clients a professional project manager. This approach ensures that deadlines are met and that each client is kept up to date with the assignment progress, 24/7, which makes us one of the most customer-focused and trusted translations agencies.

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