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Legal translation is not an easy task, because it demands not only professional translators, but also a profound linguistic verification by experienced industry experts.

Legal documents are the most sensitive documents a business has to deal with, every word matters, as change of only the one word can affect the results of the whole legal process.

Legal documents often use specialized terminology and language specialist must understand this specific terminology at a professional level of understanding to perform high-quality legal document translation. We are able to find and match the legal document subject with appropriate linguistic specialist, who has particular insight and expertise providing legal translations, to make sure you will get an accurate translation.  It is what makes us different from other translation agencies.

Every document that needs to be translated by our linguistic specialists, undergoes several stages of translation quality control: after our professional translator has translated your document, it is proof-read by the relevant industry specialist (native speaker) and edited by our experienced professional editors.

In order to avoid mistranslations, we suggest you to contact our professional language translation agency, as we will offer a number of proven quality ways tailored to your needs and budget.

Contact us to find out how you may benefit from our translation services and make sure that your documents are properly and accurately represented.

Legal Expertise

Our specialist subject areas cover:

  • International law
  • Contract law
  • Maritime law
  • Property law
  • Insurance law
  • Criminal law
  • Corporate law
  • Commercial Law
  • Tax law

Smart Translate has extensive experience in providing expert linguistic support by translating all types of legal documents, including:

  • Contract translations
  • Court and witness transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Legal certifications and statements
  • Affidavits
  • Regulations and laws
  • Government and legal ruling reports
  • Patent and trademark filings
  • Letters of credit
  • Technical documents to support litigation efforts
  • Licenses translation
  • Registration documents translation
  • Expert reports translation
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration translation
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Court orders/subpoenas
  • Litigation documents
  • Evidence documents
  • Depositions
  • Examinations Under Oath (EOUs)
  • Sworn statements
  • Financial Statements

Legal Proofreading

Smart Translate provides Legal Proofreading services for their clients, so if you have any concerns about the quality of legal translation, performed by other translation agencies, we are more than happy to proofread your previously translated documents. Our professional translators that specialize in legal translation will correct errors, inaccurate terminology to make sure that your legal documents are fully and properly represented.

How we can help you with Legal Translation:

  • Avoid costly translation mistakes
  • Meet deadlines
  • Eliminate mistranslation of your legal documents
  • Help you to avoid significant risks
  • Open new opportunities

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your translation needs.

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