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Technical translation is not an easy task, because it demands not only professional translators, but also a profound linguistic verification by experienced industry experts. Technical documents often use specialized terminology and language specialist must understand this specific terminology at a professional level of understanding to perform high-quality technical document translation. We are able to find and match the document subject with experienced professional translator trained in the sciences and engineering, who understands the specific technical terminology to make sure you will get an accurate translation.  It is what makes us different from other translation agencies.

Mistranslated technical documents can cost you more than money!

Every document that needs to be translated by our linguistic specialists, undergoes several stages of translation quality control: after our professional translator has translated your document, it is proof-read by the relevant industry specialist (native speaker) and edited by our experienced professional editors.

Technical Expertise

Smart Translate has extensive experience in providing expert linguistic support by translating various technical documents such as:

 - Operation and Instruction Manuals
 - Catalogs and Parts Lists
 - Safety Guidelines
 - Technical specifications
- Engineering specifications
 - E-Learning
 - Installation Manuals
 - Labels
 - Marketing Materials
 - MSDS and Data Sheets
 - Multimedia audio and video
 - Operating Manuals
 - Patents
 - Presentations
 - RFP Responses
 - Safety Manuals
 - Software and Hardware UI
 - Training Materials
 - Technical Proposals
 - User Guides
 - Websites*

For more information about websites and software applications translation, please visit our Web Site Localization and Software Localization pages.

How we can help you with Technical Translation:

  • Avoid costly translation mistakes
  • Meet deadlines
  • Eliminate mistranslation of your technical documents
  • Help you to avoid significant risks
  • Open new opportunities

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